Manhattan Law Firm

Expanded, Light-Infused New Facility Optimizes Desirable Location

This Manhattan law firm came to us because one of the named partners was familiar with our work for his previous firm. Between 1987 and 2000, we renovated and custom designed over 300,000 square feet at numerous facilities in New York, Hong Kong, and London for this old-line, white shoe law practice. When our client left, we stayed in touch, and even completed a small project for him at his weekend retreat.

With multiple locations, our client’s new law firm focuses on the needs of content creators and providers who excel in virtually every kind of media. In early 2012, they identified the need for larger facilities in Manhattan – roughly twice the size of their existing footprint – giving us the opportunity to work together again.

We consulted with him extensively while various locations were under consideration. Finally, as each possibility was deemed unacceptable, our client reappraised a 5,000 square foot suite in their current building.

A favorable landlord relationship and a desirable location were undeniable advantages; however, the new leasehold would require a complete renovation to create an appropriate brand image and meet their needs. The presenting challenge was to organize an open-style plan for optimum functional yield and aesthetic appeal.

We created nine-foot high corridors to terminate in windows so daylight infuses the circulation spaces. Private offices have no ceilings. They are open to the 13-foot exposed structure above and lit by a single-ring, high-efficiency fixture. Maximum glass frontage takes further advantage of natural light and offers a view of the public corridor. Specially designed wood doors define each private office entrance.

Guests are greeted at a sweeping curved reception desk with radiating ‘beams’ illuminated by sprays of light, a distinctive feature conceived by celebrated lighting designer, Howard Brandston.

Two large conference rooms feature vaulted ceilings. There are ample workspaces for the Paralegals and Legal Administrative Assistants who serve the facility.

By happy coincidence, the landlord’s previously planned renovation of the elevator lobby included compatible features, such as polished concrete floors.

Project completion is planned for the close of 2012.  Click here to see a selection of previously completed projects.